Skeptical Mama’s Weekly Giveaways!

Starting something new this month! Giveaways!! I have so many awesome followers (almost 86k+ on faebook alone,) I wanted to start featuring products of small businesses that my followers would like! If you are a reader, you can look for my giveaways weekly starting here soon! I will send out a huge email, and post […]

Jesus Called, He Wants His Birthday Back

  When was Jesus really born? And Why TF do we celebrate it on December 25th? According to Andrew McGowan’s write up on the Biblical Archaeology Society site: He goes on to explain:   So, with little effort of researching the holiday, we can conclude Christians didn’t know when Jesus was born, they simply assimilated the pagan […]

A Simple Explanation

  The Main Topics of Interest You Will Find Here: Atheism (Being without Religion) Pseudoscience (Debunking Alternative/”Natural” Remedies) Mom Stuff Mental Health Awareness Specifically focusing on Anxiety Disorders,OCD, ADHD, PTSD, & BDD Offering Support to All Who Feel Alone in Today’s Society for Being a Rational Thinker/”Black Sheep” Among the “Norm.” Critical Thinking Secularism in […]

The Bible Finds Itself Back in Public Schools

  Yesterday, Ken Ham’s ark funding state celebrated another christian triumph passing a bill that allows public schools in Kentucky to teach reading, writing and the book of Revelation. Governor Matt Bevin gave his blessing on the bill which will allow students to take courses on the bible. The only saving grace he may have to […]

Adam & Eve – An Impossible Story of Incest

This is one of the biggest “Doh!” moments in the bible that drives me bat shit crazy that people could possibly overlook or be so damn ignorant they don’t see that from the beginning of this crazy fictional book, it is scientifically inaccurate. Dr. Georgia Purdom Explains how Cain found his wife, after his parents were […]

A Simple Explanation On Why I Don’t Believe in God

After talking with a childhood friend of mine today about recent events and life changes going on in our lives, we ended up on the subject of my atheism. She opened the conversation clearly being nice and reaching out about wanting to chat about a situation that we have in common. “I don’t agree with […]

(REPUBLISHED SEE EDIT) When Things Get Tough…. Christians BAIL

EDIT: After getting bombarded with a great ordeal of harassment from one person claiming that I “trolled a handicapped crisis hotline.” That is not what happened… However, after realizing that this was kind of childish, openly admitted it was petty… I posted a public apology on my Facebook page (which I deleted now in lieu of […]